Spring Lawn & Landscaping Care in Austin, TX; Tree & Shrub Inspection, Garden Soil Testing, Fertilizer & More

Is there anything better than watching the world wake up after the harsh months that winter brings? Spring is one of the most spectacular of the seasons and one that we love at Showplace Lawns. There are many things that need to be done during the spring months to ensure your landscaping is on point during the entire summer season. We would like to share some of our best springtime tips with our valued customers.

Tree & Shrub Inspection

The winter months can be hard on your trees and shrubs. This is a good time to give them a thorough inspection. You will be looking for any damage that they have sustained during the winter. This includes broken or damaged branches than need to be pruned. It can be difficult to prune your trees that are large and may require the help of a professional.

Garden Soil Testing

It is important to test your soil every few years to make sure it has the nutrients needed for your plants, lawns and trees to thrive. This can be done with the help of your local agricultural extension office or any landscaping professional.

Fertilizer for Green Grass

Many people believe that you should fertilize your lawn in the spring. The truth of the matter is, you should only fertilize your lawn if it needs nutrients. This is why soil testing is so important. It also depends on the type of grass you have as well. Some grass varieties will actually do better when they are fertilized in the fall rather than the spring. In any case, you should use the fertilizer that matches the needs of your soil. Following are some additional lawn tips.
– When choosing a fertilizer, you are better off choosing one that is slow release or controlled release. This will increase the nutrient absorption and have a better chance at giving your lawn the nutrients that it needs.
– Read the label on the fertilizer bag. It is important you know the exact size of your lawn before moving forward as well. Do not over fertilize your lawn as this will have the reverse affect from what you are looking for.
– Many areas have local limits on when, what kind and what amount of fertilizer you can use. It is best to check with your local agricultural extension office for this information or leave it up to professionals who truly understand these parameters.

Prevent Weeds in Your Vegetable Garden, Flower Beds & More

This is the perfect time to get control of weeds in your yard and in your flower beds. You can apply pre-emergent weed control that will limit the amount of weeds you have from the start this year before they get out of control and are much more difficult to get rid of.

Spring Lawn Care Services & More in Shady Hollow, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Buda, Sunset Valley, Manchaca, Oak Hill & Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas

There is a lot that takes place in the spring. This is why you need to call on the professionals at Showplace Lawns to help you get your property ready to shine throughout the summer. Call us today!

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