Medina Soil Activator – Medina is a brand name

• Converts nutrients into usable food
• Balances Soil pH
• Reduces salt and toxins
• Reduces soil compaction
• Promotes root growth

Seaweed –

• A good source of potassium and 60 other trace elements, it stimulates root growth and aids in the development of photosynthesis.
• Along with increasing plants and grass abilities to withstand head, drought and cold stress. Seaweed also increases insect and disease resistance.

Epson Salt –

• Important component of chlorophyll
• Increases nutrient absorption, growth and general health
• Facilitates lush green growth

Humate –

• Highly composted plant material
• Increases the water holding capacity of soil
• Improves nutrient availability

Molasses –

• A good source of B Vitamins, Sulfur and Potash.
• Promotes activity that results in carbon.
• High in enzymes and amino acid.
• Good source of nitrogen. Increases sugar levels which resists chewing and sucking insects.

Hasta Gro Lawn Fertilizer 12-4-8 –

• Contains: Humate and Epson Salt
• Fast efficient absorption

Hasta Gro Plant Fertilizer 6-12-6 –

• Contains: Epson Salt, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Seaweed

Stimulus Spray –

• Contains: Medina Soil Activator, Molasses & Seaweed
• Cleans soil of salt and other toxins
• Relieves soil compaction

Compost Tea –

Compost Tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution produced by extracting beneficial microbes from compost that is brewed by us.
Compost Tea provides:
• A source of foliar and soil nutrients
• for easy plant absorption
• Nutrients in a biologically available form for both plant and microbial uptake
• Disease fighter

Corn Gluten Weed Pre Emergent –

Corn Gluten is a by-product of the milling process of corn meal. It works as a weed pre-emergent by inhibiting the root development of seed. The first stage of germination is root development. With no root formation, the plant will not come up. It is very important to water thoroughly. Corn Gluten will not work on perennial weeds as they have established roots nor will it work on clover.

Compost –

• Nutrient rich organic material that helps soil absorb and retain moisture
• Promotes healthy root growth
• Protects against disease and pests
• Used on both plant beds and lawns

Corn Meal (Horticultural Grade) –

All natural fungicidal disease fighter in the soil by stimulating beneficial micro-organisms that feed on pathogens such as brown patch and other fungal diseases.

Lava Sand –

Rock powder used to improve the physical characteristics of soil by increasing the water holding capacity and energy in the soil. Makes nutrients more available to the plant root.

Sulfur –

• Increases protein content
• As a macronutrient, helps with plant chlorophyll
• Deficiency will cause yellow leaves
• Helps balance soil by bringing calcium levels down and raising magnesium levels
• Lowers soil pH

Greensand –

Greensand is a natural nitrogen product used when there appears to be a nitrogen deficiency.

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