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Showplace Lawns supplies professional lawn care and landscape services to the Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas community. Assisting you in maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard in an environmentally responsible manner, our experts are certified specialists that have the training, experience, and skills to ensure your Austin, Texas lawn is well-cared for. At fair competitive prices, team of professionals offer high-quality services and is dedicated to delivering superior services. As the leading professionals in the industry that are fully equipped with premium tools and products, you can rely on Showplace Lawns for remarkable lawn care services.

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Showplace Lawns includes an array of lawn care and maintenance services to help maintain and enhance your lawns. Our lawn services include Fertilization, Aeration, Soil Tests, Sod Installation, Compost Tea, Weed Control, Complete Organic Program, Top Dress and so much more. No matter which services you hire us to do, the professionals Showplace Lawns ensures it is done with quality.

Soil & Lawn Aeration

To improve the overall health and appearance of your Austin, TX lawn, aeration is essential. Your lawn needs to be aerated once a year, the best time being during the spring, very similar to the farmer plowing the fields every year. Aeration helps combat thatch buildup and soil compaction. These conditions are typically because of heavy use of your yard and waterlogged soil. The shallow roots and reduced thickness and growth is caused by your lawns roots struggle to get oxygen or find much-needed nutrients from soil compaction.

Weed Control for Lawns

Our professional weed control services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas keep your home and lawn beautiful. We understand the importance of weed control and we use corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent. It is a natural product and very effective. Our goal is to control weeds by keeping them from coming up which should allow for very little post-emergent control.To keep your landscape healthy and thriving, pulling weeds from your garden or applying fertilizer once a year isn’t enough. Our consistent and effective weed control services are efficient.

Sod Installation

Showplace Lawns is happy to install an instant lawn for you. Sodding is one of the miracles of lawn care and we use the best sections of sod that have been freshly cut and grown in a good soil medium for a healthier lawn. We use sod from a local farm because it is fresher and adapts to the soil better. All sod is seamed tightly to minimize sliding or gaps in between pieces. With sod installation, there are many benefits that include the grass being exceptionally faster to establish, avoiding seeding failure, minimizing weed disruption, providing soil stabilization and flexibility.

Top Dressing Lawn

In addition to fertilizing your lawn, you need to top dress which will build stronger roots, fight disease and keep soil from compacting. This enhances the beauty and lush feel that’s expressed by a well-balanced lawn. When dealing with poor soil quality and quantity, lawn top dressing is the ideal solution. Showplace Lawns’ top dressing is the application of organic matter over the surface of your lawn.

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When you need remarkable lawn care services in the Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas area, Showplace Lawns is your reliable expert. Call us today to get started.

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