At Showplace Lawns, we know that every property is different and so your landscaping and lawn care needs will also look different. This is why we provide our valued customers with customized lawn care and landscaping services that are a total organic and natural approach that are safe for our environment. We offer a long list of comprehensive landscaping and lawn care services that will transform a forgettable yard into a blossoming property. Our landscaping professionals are ready to help you create the landscape that you have always wanted.

Landscape Designing & Architecture

When you choose Showplace Lawns to care for your landscaping needs, you are choosing nearly 40 years of experience to make your residential or commercial property reach its landscaping potential. From landscape design and planning to landscape remodel, there is nothing that we can’t do to help make your property shine. Following are some of the landscaping services that we have to offer our valued customers:
– Mulching
– Sprinkler Inspections
– Plant Fertilization
– Compost Tea
– Plant Installation
– Landscape Design
– Landscape Remodel
– Butterfly Gardens
– & More

Lawn Care Services

At Showplace Lawns, we are committed to being stewards of the environment. That’s why it is our goal to use nothing but organic and natural products to help make your lawn reach its full potential. Our lawn care programs are customized to fit your lawncare needs and we proudly offer our customers a complete organic program that handles everything that is necessary in keeping your turf lush and green. Our team of professionals cover every aspect of keeping your lawn as healthy as possible with our long list of lawn care services:
– Lawn Fertilization
– Aeration
– Soil Testing
– Sod Installation
– Compost Tea
– Weed Control
– Top Dress
– & More

Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs offer your property shade and beauty when they are properly cared for. It is essential that your trees and shrubs are maintained properly for them to grow and flourish. At Showplace Lawns, we know exactly what your trees and shrubs need no matter what type of trees and shrubs you may have. Even if your trees seem to be suffering from rot, disease or problems with overgrowth can be saved by our team of highly trained professionals. We know exactly how to prune your trees to allow for maximum sun exposure which they don’t get enough of when branches or overgrown.

Xeriscape Services

If you are looking for beautiful landscaping that is a low maintenance design that utilizes native plants and rocks, you can count on Showplace Lawns to provide you with the xeriscape design you need. This low water, and low maintenance design can be the perfect choice for those that are looking to reduce water usage and still have a beautiful yard. We will still use many plants and materials that will attract birds, butterflies and other insects that you would like to have add beauty and variety to your property.

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