Lawn Aeration

Delivering exceptional services to our valued customers in the Greater Southwest and West Austin, Texas area, Showplace Lawns offers affordable landscaping and lawn care services without sacrificing quality. The specialists of Showplace Lawns are a completely insured full service landscaping and lawn care service provider. Being environmental responsible, Showplace Lawns gives locals beautiful and healthy yards using the finest products and well maintained equipment. Showplace Lawns includes lawn aeration services to help you achieve a perfect lawn that enhances the overall landscape of your property.

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Showplace Lawns lawn aeration services help to restore the vibrancy and youth of your lawn. While enhancing the quality for healthy soil and thatch decomposition, lawn aeration enables your lawn to rejuvenate and heal from damage derived from excessive drought conditions and foot traffic. As such, lawn aeration is an essential part of lawn maintenance. To promote positive conditions for turf-grass growth and development, lawn aeration breaks up the interface or overlap of different soil types or sod. Allowing for a deeper stimulation of root growth and maximizing turf quality, the process encourages air and water to penetrate deep into the soil.

Lawn Aeration & More in Shady Hollow, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Buda, Sunset Valley, Manchaca, Oak Hill & Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas

Aeration is one of the best ways to get a thick, lush lawn. Removing small plugs of turf effectively breaks up thatch (the layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn) allowing for more water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to your lawn’s roots. This means your lawn gets more of what it needs to grow healthier and stronger. Every few years, aeration can help with the overall appearance of your Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas lawn. When you property‚Äôs lawn is in need of lawn aeration services, the professionals of Showplace Lawns are readily available to provide expert services to ensure your lawn is in the best possible care.

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