Soil Testing

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Soil Testing Gives Us Clues About What Our Soil Needs

The soil needs to be enriched with minerals and nutrients to help make the plant life thrive on your property. Taking advantage of Showplace Lawns soil testing service is the perfect solution to determine what sorts of nutrients your soil lacks and what kinds of fertilizers it would benefit from. Along with the percentages of phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium found in your lawn, a standard test will include a pH reading of your soil. Our soil testing offers a more in-depth analysis than the DIY testing kits. Generally, the acidity, alkalinity, and full nutrient analysis is also included. With the details of the soil testing results, we can help you identify the right combination of fertilizers, mulch, and other ideal treatments that will enrich the soil and help your plant life better sustained.

When is the Best Time to Do a Soil Test?

– A soil test hasn’t been done in three years or more.
– You just moved into a new place and don’t know much about the soil.
– Your plants are struggling, and you suspect they may not have enough nutrients.
– You want to see if recent treatments had a positive impact.
– You are planning a garden expansion in the next three to six months.

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For your soil testing services on your property in Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas and surrounding areas, call in the professionals of Showplace Lawns to ensure an efficient and thorough soil test.

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