Sprinkler Check Up

At a price you can afford, Showplace Lawns ensures top quality services. As a full service landscaping and lawn service provider, you can rest assured we are fully insured. We extend our landscaping and lawn services to valued customers throughout the Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas area. To help you get the healthy and gorgeous landscapes you desire, our experienced and trained specialists apply their expertise to ensure superior results. We have a team of experts that utilize state-of-the art equipment and fine products to optimize our workmanship.

Frequency of Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

The sprinkler system on your property needs to be checked periodically. Showplace Lawns has elite technicians that check the sprinkler systems for signs of damage or efficiency loss. Over time and use, the sprinkler system becomes clogged, damaged and worn. Having your sprinkler system checked at least twice a year is ideal. Most recommend early spring and late fall as the best times for a sprinkler check up.

Sprinkler Tune Up Checklist

Our lawn professionals will activate the system zone by zone to make certain off/on is sufficient; assess the rain sensors; inspect backup battery’s performance; program the control setting according to season and areas water restrictions; inspect sprinkler heads for condition and repair/replace if necessary; clean and adjust spray nozzle; evaluate the landscapes’ water needs and adjust for dry spots ; and identify the concerns to improve the system.

Sprinkler Check Up Lawn Care Services & More in Shady Hollow, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Buda, Sunset Valley, Manchaca, Oak Hill & Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas

Though the sprinkler system in your Greater Southwest & West Austin, TX property can be delicate to the elements and use over time, having Showplace Lawns check your sprinklers frequently will ensure they continue to water your landscaping efficiently. Call Showplace Lawns to schedule your sprinkler check service.

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