Compost Tea

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How to Use Compost Tea

Showplace Lawns provides compost tea services to the local community. Compost tea provides a key part of the soil ecosystem that functions to feed plants and improve soil quality as it is basically liquid soil amendment that contains millions of living bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes – microorganisms. As the tea is brewed, oxygen is being added into the mix, allowing the oxygen dependent (aerobic) microorganisms to dominate the tea. To improve soil quality and defend plants from disease, compost tea delivers the soil with the microorganisms that are needed to break down organic and inorganic substances in the soil. They are processed into the plant’s primary sources of phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, and trace minerals in addition to producing by-products and metabolites.

Benefits of Compost Tea

Compost tea is provided by the leading experts of Showplace Lawns to offer your landscape many benefits. A handful of examples include:
1) A natural supply of vital nutrients to plant life.
2) Soil structure improvement as the production of bacterial gels to hold soil particles together.
3) A formation of fungal net-like colonies in the soil is supported with the natural soil aeration promotion.
4) An increase of disease resistance in plants from the antibiotics provided by the bacteria and fungi contained in the compost tea.
5) Minimize nutrient leaching.
6) Compost tea is a 100% natural and has no danger with oversaturation.

How Compost Tea Works to Improve Soil & Plant Growth

When the soil in your yard is showing signs of poor microorganism populations, or the soil testing results indicate a need, compost tea can be applied to improve the beneficial microbial populations within the soil. To better support the microbial populations that maintain thriving plant health and a healthy soil environment by increasing nutrient cycling and disease suppression in the soil; shrubs, flowering plants and trees can be treated with compost tea.

Compost Tea Lawn Care Services & More in Shady Hollow, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Buda, Sunset Valley, Manchaca, Oak Hill & Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas

Showplace Lawns can apply compost tea from February to December depending on the weather in some months. Call our friendly office to get started with compost tea treatment services today.


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