Mulching Plants

Across the Greater Southwest and West Austin, TX area, Showplace Lawns provides a full service landscaping and lawn care menu for residential and light commercial applications. We are completely insured to deliver high quality services that fit into most budgets. While being environmentally responsible, Showplace Lawns supplies services that contribute to a beautiful and healthy landscape. The specialists of Showplace Lawns are more than qualified, having the training and experience to ensure superior services. With the assistance of advanced equipment and top of the line products, you can have the confidence that services are done with proficiency.

Importance of Mulching for Trees, Shrubs & Other Plants

Showplace Lawns offers mulching services to our local community. As a part of maintenance and care, your landscaping, including the trees, and shrubs require mulch. Where it is often perceived as an aesthetic option, mulch provides a barrier to many destructive and harmful elements. Throughout your landscaping, mulching around your garden and lawn plants protects them from insects and pests that can cause harm to the plants and their root systems. Also, efficient mulching contributes to controlling weeds, preventing soil erosion and fostering soil water retention, as well as soil nutrients. While many pests can hurt your garden, the encouragement mulch offers earthworms allows them to move, working in tandem with your efforts to improve nutrient cycling and soil structure.

Mulching Plants & More in Shady Hollow, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Buda, Sunset Valley, Manchaca, Oak Hill & Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas

There are many options for mulching including decomposing organic materials and non-organic materials. The organic options commonly include straw, wood chips, and pine needles where the non-organic materials often include pebbles, river rock, black plastic, or landscaping fabric. No matter which material is better for your needs, you can rely on Showplace Lawns for your mulching and other lawn care needs.

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