Backyard Makeovers in Shady Hollow, TX; Evolution of Landscape, Landscaping Return on Investment & More

Giving your yard or property a makeover can completely change the way your home looks and feels. Creating a successful hardscape can turn your yard from looking tired and drab to looking like a beautiful, functional and entertaining garden. In landscaping terms, hardscape design typically refers to outdoor landscaping other than greenery and plants. These hardscape elements commonly consist of decks, patios, stone pathways, retaining walls and fountains. More elaborate hardscape designs will include eating pavilions, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Hardscaping is becoming more and more popular.

Evolution of Landscape Changes Over Time

Once considered a very narrow field, landscaping used to only involve the boy next door or your oldest son mowing your front lawn for a few extra bucks. Now a days there is a much higher demand for hardscape design as part of a total landscaping contract. Creating an outdoor living hardscape will allow you to spend time with your family out on the patio or in front of a fire pit, making s’mores right in your very own back yard. Entertaining with a big outdoor kitchen or movie theater are examples of more elaborate outdoor living hardscapes. These will make your home the favorite hangout among your peers and especially your teenagers and their group of friends.

Landscaping Return on Investment

Paved surfaces are the most basic way to start a hardscape design for your property. From small to large pavers, sidewalks and driveways, paver projects are not only beautiful, but can outlast traditional concrete or asphalt paving. Big and small block systems can be used as free standing barriers or retaining a hill side. Retaining walls also create usable land by providing a flat surface area for gorgeous footpaths or a patio where your outdoor dining can take place. Not only does adding hardscape to your landscape make your home more attractive and inviting, but it also adds value to your home. A home with professionally designed hardscape will show one hundred times better than a boring and unkempt yard.

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