Fall Lawn Care Schedule in Dripping Springs, TX; Apply Fertilizer, Aerate Lawn, Overseed Patchy Grass & More

With the lazy days of summer finally coming to end, many homeowners are rushing to complete last minute chores in preparation for the shorter days of fall. One important item that is often neglected is lawn maintenance. The heat of the summer sun and extreme temperatures may have left your grass looking a little less than perfect but don’t despair, your turf can be invigorated with professional lawn care services and lawn care tips provided by the knowledgeable experts at Showplace Lawns.

Lawn Aeration

This is a cost effective way to keep your lawn revitalized. Your lawn can take a beating during summer activities leaving the soil packed down and hard to the touch. Aeration is designed to remove small plugs of soil from the lawn to improve air circulation and to allow water and nutrients to penetrate throughout the soil. The benefits of aeration include allowing the root system adequate space to flourish to ensure a lush healthy lawn.

Is Overseeding Lawn Worth It?

If your lawn has thinning patches of grass or bare patches consider an overseeding service by your Showplace Lawns professional. The process of overseeding involves sowing seed over your existing lawn to thicken the turf and discourage disease. When performed with professional aeration services, overseeding can rebuild your lawn and help protect it from the rigorous winter ahead.

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

The experts at Showplace Lawns recommend that the last application of fertilizer be applied before the fall. The benefits of fall fertilizer include: high concentrations of potassium which aid in the hardiness of your lawn during the cooler weather along with allowing your lawn to store valuable nutrients which encouraging a healthy root system during the winter months. Consult with your Showplace Lawns professional regarding the best time to fertilize.

Rinse Dog Urine & Scoop Poop on Turf

Your beloved family dog can cause dead spots on your lawn. If you see that your grass is dying where your dog urinates, saturate the area with water to dilute the concentration of urine in the soil. Encourage your dog to use an alternate area for bathroom breaks away from your turf by lining a small area with mulch. Keep other waste picked up and properly disposed of at all times.

Avoid Parking on Grass

Parking on the lawn should be avoided at all costs. The weight of your vehicles will lead to extensive damage and dead spots. It’s not a bad idea to limit the amount of foot traffic on grass for that matter especially during times of drought.

Summer Storage of Lawn Furniture & Toys

Toys, lawn furniture, tools, bikes and other items are often left lying on the lawn long after the summer festivities end. Pack up items and store them appropriately to avoid damaging your lawn during winter.

Lawn Care Maintenance & More in Shady Hollow, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Buda, Sunset Valley, Manchaca, Oak Hill & Greater Southwest & West Austin, Texas

Even if you are spending less time outdoors, don’t forget about the importance of caring for your lawn year round. Your Showplace Lawns technician can offer you a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure that your lawn looks its very best 365 days of the year. Taking the time to care for your turf now will ensure that you have a healthy rich lawn next spring. For more information regarding lawn care services, contact Showplace Lawns today.

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