Best Design & Material for Walking Paths in Circle C, TX; Wood Chips & Log Slices Garden Path, Mulch Pathway & More

Wanting to get your landscape designed just right can be overwhelming with options, or frustrating with lack of ideas. In any case, getting the landscape that correlates with your home and your tastes is essential. Today, we at Showplace Lawns would like to share a handful of ideas that can get you started on your landscape design.

Walkway Material & Design Ideas for Front of House & Backyard

Versatile Gravel: Useful for walkways, pea gravel work in areas and social spaces. Easily fits in among plants and shrubs; the aesthetics are attractive for a long time. Consider ornamental grasses combined with pea gravel for a extraordinary design.
Checkerboard Groundcover: Use wood dividers to separate low-growing plants and gravel to create a checkerboard design.
Pebble Swirl: With a variety of colors and shapes, pebbles can construct creative patterns into pathway designs.
Slate Chips: Beautiful mulch pathways between plantings in a garden can be created with the use of slate chips.
Woodland Path with Bark Chips & Log Slices: Bark chips and log rounds blends perfectly into a woodland setting can design beautiful pathways into the grass.
Pebbles: Shape small pebbles to provide circular step pattern in stone. Meandering Soft Pebble Path retains a softer pathway of pebbles by using brick edging for additional support. Pebbles Provide Visual Interest example of a natural paving choice suited to a large landscaping design can include the use of bricks and pebbles arranged in an organized layout to add visual interest.
Shredded Bark Mulch: Shredded bark to create mulch pathways lined with plants and stones in a garden can create dynamics and charming designs.
Terraced Cottage Garden: A lower and main terrace joined with brick steps along with a graveled main entrance that blends the space together is an example of a cottage garden.
Wood Strips with Ornamental Grasses: An effective path designed with narrow wood strips and placed along grasses. Although be careful as it could be slippery when wet.
Larger Rocks Paired with Smaller Stones & Mulch: With the combination of larger rocks with smaller ones along with mulch around garden, shrubs and trees will look charming and trendy.
Natural Materials: To make a yard seem larger than it really is, consider deep borders with multiple layers of taller plants and natural materials such as stone or gravel to give landscape a soothing feel.
Sea Worthy: Raked in a maritime pattern the gravel is a soft garden pathway idea.
Linear Plan: An abstract design and formal layouts with boxwoods and gravel can create linear designs for a more uniformed appearance.
Shapes & Texture Lend Zen Appeal: Very zen-like designs with a simple and stylized technique can be achieved with perfectly placed shapes and textures to create visual drama.
Decorative Gravel & Other Weed Control: Decorative gravel, pebbles or slate chips can camouflage a weed-preventing membrane covering the soil in your landscape. This can be the perfect solution to control weeds while still having style.
Mulch Drainage Solution: Mulch can be created with gravel, while being beneficial and having appeal. Spread around plants that need good drainage.
Stone and Gravel Mixed: For a rustic path in your garden, use a combination of stone and gravel.

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